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Do You feel You are meant for more?

Learn how to connect with the authentic You within and transform Your Life!

For every client who enrols in my Dreambuilder™ Coaching programme, I will donate 10% of the course fee to one of the following charities:

The Dreambuilder™ Coaching Programme

Introducing my Flagship Foundation Programme 12 weeks of guided personal transformation


Before moving on to any of my more advanced coaching programmes, I always invite you to complete the Dreambuilder™ Programme first as it provides a wonderful opportunity for profound personal transformation whereby you will experience a radical shift in the way that you perceive yourself and the world. You will learn to overcome obstacles quickly and easily and move forwards beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.

Programme Highlights

  • Learn how you are creating your current reality
  • Discover what is holding you back from the results you want
  • Repattern negative self-talk and old behaviours that no longer serve you
  • Overcome fear, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Cultivate a positive mindset for success
  • Learn simple daily practices that keep you on track

What you will receive when you enrol in the Dreambuilder™ Programme

  • 16 teaching audios that you can download and listen to in your own time. You will be guided to listen to one or sometimes two audios each week prior to our coaching calls.
  • Carefully chosen meditation MP3 audios to complement each week’s lesson material.
  • A personal workbook that has been specifically crafted to help you get the best out of each week’s lesson.
  • 12 in-person weekly coaching sessions with me, Amanda Beswick, held over Zoom to support you through each module of the programme. These sessions are recorded and made available to you to keep and watch as often as you wish.

All of the above can be experienced as either an individually tailored 1:1 Coaching session that focuses solely on your needs and fits in with your schedule. This is my Diamond package.

Or as part of a small Group Coaching Session where you will meet new friends and enjoy sharing in the mutual love and support of others on the same journey of self-discovery as you. This is my Gold package.

There are benefits to be enjoyed whichever option resonates most with you.

So Why choose the Dreambuilder™ Programme?

The Dreambuilder™ programme, was first created by Mary Morrissey and the Brave Thinking Institute almost 10 years ago and has already helped thousands of people around the world transform their lives. It is a proven, reliable system that is easy to follow and delivers amazing results in a very short time. I cannot personally recommend it enough.

Interested? Why not take advantage of my offer of a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

Book a free discovery call with me and let’s see if this programme is for You


Client feedback

“That was absolutely brilliant…. you are so engaging. You make me feel calmly energised, leaving me with an absolute belief that I can achieve anything…I can’t thank you enough!”

Steph, Tropic Ambassador
“I no longer let past experiences define who I am and stop me from achieving my dreams. Thanks to Amanda’s outstanding coaching, I now believe that I have the power within me to create a life that I absolutely love. The coaching has reminded me how applying a few powerful principles of the universe can achieve the things I’ve always dreamed of. My friends are noticing a more positive me, I am noticing a more positive me… If you want to transform your life, Amanda’s coaching through the Dreambuilder program is for you!”
Jo Moore , 1:1 Coaching client
“This course is well worth doing. Amanda is brilliant and gives great direction and support. It really is life changing, it changed my outlook totally. If you are not living your dream life or don’t even know what your dream lifef looks like, I highly recomment this course.”
Gillian Harris , 1:1 Coaching client
“I can’t explain how empowered I felt through this course. It’s given me so many tools to improve my life, how I feel, what I believe. Just absolutely wonderful. If you’re undecided, then let me reassure you that you will be so happy and grateful when you take the plunge. Amanda is worth her weight in gold and the program is very engaging without being overwhelming”
Steph Young , Group coaching client
“Your course has changed my life as my vision is firmly in my mind every day and I feel it’s mine for the taking rather than something I would otherwise have thought unattainable. Also I did the course when I felt I ‘could not afford it’ but instinctively I knew this course would help me move forward. Thank you so much Amanda x”
Beth McPherson , 1:1 Coaching client


Q. What does the Dreambuilder™ programme include?
A. Please visit Dreambuilder™ tab for more details about what the course offers.

Q. How much does it cost to enrol on the Dreambuilder™ programme?
A. I offer a variety of different packages depending upon whether you are interested in 1:1 or group coaching. I also offer clients the opportunity to pay in instalments Please contact me directly for further details.

Q. Do you only do Online coaching?
A. If you live in the Hampshire area and would prefer face-to-face coaching sessions, I would be happy to explore this option with you. The course is available on CDs for those clients who would prefer to work offline.

Q. I have had coaching with other people and I didn’t find it very helpful – what is so different about your programme?
A. The Dreambuilder™ programme has been developed by The Brave Thinking Institute and has been around in its current form for nearly 10 years. In that time, it has helped thousands of people around the world attain amazing results. It is a proven and reliable system that works again and again. Please do reach out to me so we can discuss any concerns you may have around this.

Q. 12 weeks seems like a long time, do you offer shorter programmes?
A. The Dreambuilder™ programme is very deliberately designed to take 12 weeks to complete as this is the minimum amount of time recommended to lay down and anchor new patterns into the subconsious. Anything shorter in length is considered ineffective in creating noticeable and lasting change. I do offer other coaching programmes which vary in length, however the majority of these are only available once the foundational Dreambuilder course has been completed. Please keep checking the Coaching Programmes tab on my website or visit my Facebook page for further information as many of my programmes are only run on specific dates.

Mindset and Success Coach

Heart-Centred, Intuitive Coaching to help You step into an empowered, more expansive version of Yourself!

Knowledge, experience and techniques to help you succeed

The latest from Amanda

A feed of the latest blogs from Amanda featuring a selection of  transformational tools and techniques taken from the Dreambuilder™ Coaching Programme

Speaking Services

Keynote talks, Lunchtime Training, Workshops


Whether it’s a 45 minute Keynote talk or a quick “Lunch and Learn” training, I will deliver inspiring and uplifting content in a light- hearted way that can be enjoyed by all attendees. All of my talks are customised to suit the needs of your group or organisation You might be a group of people who regularly meet and share a common interest or you are a small business who is looking to be inspired and guided towards success. I can deliver my content with or without slides and am equally comfortable to attend in person or speak online via Zoom or Teams.

In addition to my speaking engagements , I offer content-rich interactive half-day live workshops as well as shorter online Masterclasses that allow participants to understand how they are creating the results they are currently getting in their life and how they can consciously transform their life and their business into something they absolutely love. In these workshops I offer participants the chance to try on a life they design for themselves and see how it feels. Please do contact me for examples of my workshops and masterclasses. I will tailor my content to your needs so that your group or organisation receives the training that is both relevant and easy for them to apply.

Examples of my Speaking Work

Meet Amanda Beswick – Life Coach

Transformational Life Coach & Certified DreamBuilder™ Coach

My Journey

Becoming a Dreambuilder™ coach and speaker is the culmination of a lifetime’s study and application of transformational principles and techniques for healing and personal growth.

As a young student, I became interested in Quantum Physics and learnt that everything in the world around us is energy – including ourselves. Since energy, by its very nature, can be changed from one thing into another, so can we change ourselves and the world around us – once we know how.

Over the years, I have trained with many great teachers in the fields of energy healing, transformation and manifestation. In my early thirties, I ran my own Homeopathic and energetic healing practice to which I later added shamanic healing and transformation techniques after extensively studying with Cait Brannigan and Caitlin Mathews.

Now many years on, I understand that therapy is not the only way to bring about healing and transformation. Therapy tends to focus on illness and everything that is wrong in a person’s life and then looks at how to effect change. However if you, like me, believe that we have an infinite side to our nature, that we are actually Spiritual beings having a Human experience, you will know that our true nature is perfect and whole and does not need healing or fixing. We are not broken. We are simply unconsciously creating lives where we have struggle and disease rather than consciously creating a life where we feel fulfilled and loved and happy to be alive. This is why I became a Dreambuilder™ coach because the Dreambuilder™ programme offers a very tangible, practical system of personal healing and transformation coming from a positive heart-centred place so that you can start working with it immediately and create a life you absolutely love.

As a DreamBuilder™ Coach, certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, I can help you design and build a life you LOVE living.


All upcoming events; online, offline

Please do come and see me at this incredible event where I will be giving one of my powerful in-person workshops. Watch the interview below to learn about me and what I will be speaking about.

Get hands on and steer your journey towards your goals

Zoom consultations available.


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